Lionel Messi has no limits - he's the bloody boss!

Lionel Messi is the best football player in the world. And in history. And those who deny that are blind. Or don’t understand football. Or, simply, are Real Madrid fans incapable of recognising the reality: Messi has done so well at FC Barcelona that he has made Real Madrid’s most glorious pages (in black and white) look less significant. Because Messi is a wizard. A genius. He demonstrates it in every game. Beating records and making incredible plays. Impossible for the rest of the mortals, but not for him, clearly. 

Lluis Mascaro

Plays like those that helped Barça beat Celta Vigo on Sunday. It was a difficult win and Messi played the lead role. He scored the first goal from a fantastic free kick and gave a ‘PlayStation’ assist for the second goal, scored by Luis Suarez. On his own he won a difficult game. He once again made it clear that he is a long way above any other player on the planet. His recital continued with another perfect pass for Neymar, which ended up with Suarez ‘robbing’ the Brazilian for another goal. And he emulated Johan Cruyff’s famous penalty by passing to Suarez from the spot. 

Barça have struggled in some recent games. With the exception of the hammering of Valencia, the Bluagrana made hard work of wins against Malaga, Atletico and even Levante. They have lacked fluidity and pressure and there have been individual errors. Fortunately, Luis Enrique’s side have shown their competitive spirit. They have won without playing well. 

Celia provided another stern test. After wins for Madrid (4-2 against Athletic) and Atletico (1-0 against Getafe), Barça were obliged to win in order to maintain their lead at the top. And the Galicians, who won 4-1 in the meeting at Balaidos earlier this season, once again turned up against Luis Enrique’s side. Luckily, Barça can call on a ‘beast’ called Messi, who is capable of solving even the most difficult problems. A ‘beast’ on Valentine’s Day who made us all fall in love with him again. Thanks, Leo, for existing… and for being at Barça!!! 


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