Rabiot's mother hits out at Paris Saint-Germain's treatment of her son

"Adrien is a prisoner -- a PSG hostage," she claimed

 En la entrada al estadio del PSG, algunos le gritaron a Rabiot que se fuera a la CIudad Condal | sport.es

Veronique Rabiot, the mother and agent of Adrien Rabiot, has hit out at Paris Saint-Germain's treatment of her son. 

Jordi Delgado

Rabiot had already been sidelined from playing for the first team because he won't sign a new contract when the club took the decision to suspend him last week. 

The decision came after he was seen out partying on the night PSG lost to Manchester United in the Champions League. He had not been involved in that game. 

In a sensational interview with L'Equipe, Veronique claimed: 

  • Her son is a "prisoner" in Paris
  • PSG have made stories up about him 
  • Neymar receives special treatment
  • And that there's no agreement to join any club when his deal expires in June

She said: "Adrien is a prisoner -- a PSG hostage. Soon it will be dry bread, water and the dungeon for him -- it is a cruel environment!

"I am not crying and looking for sympathy, nor trying to weaken Adrien further by saying that he is not coping well, but his human side is under attac. I will simply say that he is taking all of this very badly since the start." 

Veronique added that "Adrien [has been] training since he was suspended, but I will not tell you where, with whom and how.

"It is easier for PSG to speak about us and make stories up about Adrien than to face facts and find solutions for this club to become efficient and effective on the pitch."

Rabiot was also punished by the club for tunring up late once but Veronique says there are double standards when it comes to Neymar, without directly naming the Brazilian. 

"At PSG, there are players who are six minutes late because they were napping [Rabiot was dropped against Marseille in Ligue 1 for missing a prematch team talk], while others can go and party on the other side of the world at the Rio carnival when they are injured," she said.



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