PSG's Neymar facing lengthy ban after striking supporter

The FFF could hit the Brazilian with a ban of up to eight matches

El aficionado con el que se encaró Neymar se grabó insultando a los jugadores |

Neymar, angered after Paris Saint-Germain's shock French Cup final loss on penalties to Rennes, lost his cool and attacked a supporter who was filming the PSG players as they got their runners-up medals by striking him in the face. 

Jordi Delgado

The Brazilian could end up paying for his actions, which were caught on camera by various other supporters present. 

He's looking at a ban from the French Football Federation. According to RMC, there are two possible outcomes: if the match delegate includes the incident in his report, which is unlikely, the discipline committee will act automatically; if he doesn't the commisstion will havr to act via the videos which are available. 

In the second case, the ban could go in two directions: the first is in refenence to Article 1.11 and could end up with a ban of up to giuve games. It would be reduced, though, if Neymar's actions are considered to have been born from provocation. 

The second refers to Article 1.13 and could leave Neymar with a ban of as many as eight matches. 

Neymar's already set to serve a ban in next season's Champions League. The ex-Barcelona player has been suspended for three games by UEFA following comments he made about the match officials following PSG's loss to Manchester United. 


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