Leboeuf: With me, Neymar would end up in the hospital

The former France international spoke about the PSG winger

Neymar, durante el partido ante el Liverpool
Neymar, durante el partido ante el Liverpool | AFP

Neymar’s performance for PSG against Liverpool in the Champions League continues to get people talking. Many ex-players and footballers have criticised Neymar's behaviour on the pitch and his acting, throwing himself to the ground in an exaggerated manner.

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The last person to criticise Neymar was former French international Frank Leboeuf, who was very tough when speaking on the 'Footissime' program. After pointing out that "we are talking about one of the best players in the world” he said “seeing him was embarrassing, if he continues like this throughout his career, he will be remembered for that and not for the great player he is.”

Leboeuf insisted: “The fact of the matter is that if I'm a referee, I'm sorry to say it crudely, but I will not whistle for Neymar, since three times out of four he’s diving, acting, this is exhausting and annoying for the other players.”

He added: "I am sorry to say, but if I had played him in my time, he would not have finished the match, he would have ended up in the hospital, because of his simulations.

“I never saw Mané doing the same thing as him; neither Firmino nor Mbappé nor Cavani ... Only he does it and he did it throughout the World Cup, when will he stop? It is true that he had a good match, but he play-acted so much, he was on the floor and nobody touched him, he does not care what people think."



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