Dani Alves' confession: I wanted to be a musician or a Formula 1 driver

Alves spoke about his career with the magazine 'Four Four Two'

The PSG defender would like to see some changes in football

Dani Alves, en la entrevista a FourFourTwo
Dani Alves, en la entrevista a FourFourTwo | sport

Paris Saint-Germain's Brazilian defender Dani Alves has spoken to British magazine 'FourFourTwo'. Among other things, he confessed that he would have liked to have been a musician or a Formula 1 driver. 


The right-back said that he's a football thanks to his father. His father's dream was to see him be a success in football, but he would have been delighted to step into the music world: “Honestly, I would have rather been a musician, but I accepted his idea to be a footballer.

"I managed to make his dream come true, something I couldn't imagine even in my wildest dreams. I made the dream of my biggest idol, my role model, come true.

“He used to love football very much. When I started to understand his passion, I entered into the football world and learned to admire great players." 

Alves also recognised that his "reference was Cafu because of his history" also said he would have liked to have been a Formula 1 driver.

In the same interview, Dani Alves said that he would 2change that the people in charge of football would do it for love and not for other interests."

He added: “They take advantage of other people's dreams. Football used to be a sport for having fun, for being alongside your mates and making the most of the day.

“Nowadays, football is a business… it's in another dimension.”



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