Simon Kjaer says Sevilla must go for it against Barcelona

The league leaders come to Camp Nou for a big clash on Saturday night

Simon Kjaer, baluarte defensivo del Sevilla

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17/10/2018 - sport

Simon Kjaer says Sevilla must go for it against Barcelona



Alba López

Sevilla defender Simon Kjaer returned to Andalusia on Tuesday night after playing with Denmark on the international break. He spoke to Omnnisport about the game on Saturday in La Liga everyone is waiting for, Sevilla vs Barcelona at Camp Nou.

"You can't go there with fear in your head because if you do, you will be destroyed. You have to believe in yourself and in your way of playing football. So we don't fear Barcelona. We respect them, of course, as they are one of the best teams in the world," said Kjaer.

"You need to make Barcelona feel uncomfortable and challenge them with your gameplan, so they have to play in attack and defence, not just attack their opponent. Parking the bus at Camp Nou is not an option because if you do you will lose nine times out of 10."

Asked about Messi, Kjaer said: "He's a fantastic player and when he reaches his best level he's extremely difficult to stop. You can't mark him because Barcelona have so many great players that they take advantage of the space you leave. You have to defend against Messi collectively, try to reduce his space and make sure that he doesn't have his best game against you.

"For me it's a pleasure, the best there is in football, to take on the best players and the best teams, and try to win."


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