Rubiales reiterates that LaLiga won't play a match in Miami this season

The president of the Spanish FA made his thoughts on the matter extremely clear and says there's nothing more to be said about the idea

Luis Rubiales ha acudido a la Asamblea de LaLiga.
Luis Rubiales ha acudido a la Asamblea de LaLiga. | EFE

The president of the Real Federación Española de Fútbol (RFEF) - the Spanish FA -  Luis Rubiales has been talking about various topics today and one of those was Javier Tebas' plans to play a LaLiga match in Miami this season.

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This is the first time the RFEF president has accepted the invitation to attend since he took over the role and said: "It's out of respect for the clubs that I attend. It's a chance for us to get to know each other better."

The first question was about the infamous match which Tebas wants to be played in Miami next January. "That's in the past and our position is clear. No institution which needs to support it has come out and done so. The matter is over."

Rubiales and Tebas have clashed over the latter's insistence of playing a domestic league game on foreign soil. "I don't have anything special to say to him, he's the president of LaLiga. I respect that and I'd like him to respect me too."

"What's important is that I have a good rapport with the clubs. Although that doesn't have to be on a personal level, it's important the FA and the clubs get on well for the sake of our football."

Rubiales says that he will attend more of these events going forward. "I'd like to be here as much as possible. Tebas also attends the Federacion's meetings. Sometimes I ask him to and other times I don't. The difference is the Federacion governs everybody," concluded Rubiales.


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