Marco Asensio's girlfriend gets Real Madrid star in trouble

Footballers and people around them using social networks can be dangerous. Above all when they upload videos or comments that are out of place. That's what Marco Asensio's girlfriend Marina did, putting up a video of the Real Madrid man driving his sports car. 

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The video saw Marco Asensio holding his mobile in his hands when he was driving, looking at her camera and waving, while the car is in motion. The law says that driving "while usuing your mobile phone manually, with headphones or with any other device" is not allowed, "with drivers obliged to concentrate" on the road at all times. The offence is punishable by three points on his license. 

Minutes after uploading the video Asensio's girlfriend took it down, but the social networks had it by then and it was too late. Karim Benzema and James Rodriguez have also had trouble with driving by the book in the past.

Watch the video HERE


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