Jugones: Madrid choose Thibaut Courtois over Keylor Navas

The club announced their intention to stick with the Belgian to Navas

Jugones: Keylor Navas no seguirá en el Real Madrid la próxima temporada | MEGA

The debate over who should tend net for Real Madrid has rumbled on for a long time. With Zinedine Zidane back it seemed like Thibaut Courtois might lose out to Keylor Navas, but the opposite now seems to be true. From Jugones, they say the club has taken a final decision and told Navas that he must leave at the end of the season.

Juan Linares (@Jlinares91)

The goalkeeper wants to stay and fight for his place, but it seems that Courtois will be No 1 and he will eventually go. The Costa Rican has won three European Cups, a league, three Club World Cups and three European Super Cups.

“Keylor’s going, he’s an example (for others). An exemplary professional,” said Josep Pedrerol. “The goalkeeper from three consecutive Champions League wins. Navas has been the player that never put on a bad face, who has been a team-mate above all. He’s left his soul out there for Madrid, delivered more than anyone and has been argued over a lot. Too much. He kept quiet, swallowed his spit and kept working. Without saying a word out of place. Well done, Keylor. Well done for having won the hearts of Madridistas. And the respect of the football world. Good luck at your new team. You deserve it.”



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