Javier Tebas compared to a Nazi boss by former Spain coach Javier Clemente

Former Spain coach Javier Clemente has launched a sensational verbal attack on Javier Tebas, the president of the Spanish Football League (LFP), comparing him to a Nazi concentration camp boss.

Peter Coombes

Clemente, who has a history of verbal outbursts, used his Twitter account to come out in support of his friend Angel Maria Villar, the president of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), who is involved in a battle with the (LFP) over the planned strike by footballers, a consequence of the Federation’s ill feelings over the signing of the Royal Decree on broadcasting rights for Spanish football.

Clemente is the current coach of the Libyan national team, and has been managing since 1975, taking charge of a great number of Spanish clubs, including Athletic Bilbao, Atletico Madrid, Espanyol, Real Sociedad and, most recently, Sporting Gijon.

At Sporting he made headlines by telling a local journalist "I know that you have a son and one day he'll be told what a shameless bastard his father is.” Years earlier, when prominent radio journalist Manolo Lama was involved in a serious car crash, Clemente remarked “It would have been better if he had died.”

The 65-year-old is no stranger to controversy, rather he is an intimate friend of polemic. His latest outburst came after Tebas said that Villar, who had failed to turn up at an urgent meeting to try and settle the differences between the LFP and the RFEF, was "stuck in medieval times".

In a series of tweets from his official Twitter account, Clemente began: 

“People say I’m a defensive coach, so on Twitter I will go on the attack.

“To say that our president is stuck in Medieval times is an unacceptable attack on a colleague in football.

“If the president is stuck in the Medieval times, then you are stuck in the times of Hitler, as a boss of a concentration camp.

“Since when has a strike been illegal? Wikipedia tells us that since you were young, you have been a bitter man who will do whatever you can to further your own career”

“The only thing that you have done for football is earn money for yourself, leaving many players to go without pay.

“And as a lawyer I believe you are from the era of Al Capone. You haven’t studied law and don't understood it. Not the FIFA Statutes, nor the FEF’s regulations.”

“Who supports you? Another lawyer of your level, a journalist whose daughter you gave a job and the odd president who needed money.”

“Judas sold out Jesus Christ for 30 coins. What do I think of the Royal Decree? The PP has scored a goal against football.

“The government is going to take money from football and share it out among its friends. They are going to pay money to other sports, which the government should be doing itself. 

“And the worst thing of all? It will require an act of God to modify the Royal Decree, in other words Mr Tebas has given Real Madrid and Barcelona what the others will never be able to have.”



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