Rubiales says La Liga's agreement to play in the U.S is "worthless"

The RFEF chief says the game can't go ahead without the Federation's consent

Tebas analiza el Girona - FC Barcelona en EE.UU. desde la vista independentista | @ElTransistorOC

The president of the Spanish Football Federation [RFEF] has lashed out at La Liga president Javier Tebas over plans to play a league game in the United States this season. 


Speaking to The Guardian, RFEF chief Luis Rubuales warned that the agreement to play a game in the U.S is not viable at the moment. 

Rubiales said that " Tebas spoke to everyone except the people he had to speak to. It’s a total lack of respect, unfaithful and incomprehensible." 

And he accused him of demanding " a lot from others when his own behaviour frankly leaves a lot to be desired. We’ve not had even a single call.

"I haven’t seen the contract, so I can’t say much but I will say this: the FIFA president protects domestic competition and taking competition somewhere else represents an invasion of that country." 

In addition, the RFEF president accused Tebas of "totally ignoring the players and even the clubs, signing a contract with a private country for ten or fifteen years. His behaviour was terrible, but very much like Javier Tebas: very much lacking in respect."

Rubiales was clear on his opinion on La Liga's agreement: "[Tebas] has signed an agreement that it is not up to him to sign. What he has signed is worthless. It means nothing without our authorisation, so we’ll see what happens to this game."


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