Tuchel: I'd still be in charge if there was no bus attack

The former Dortmund coach thinks the attack contributed to his exit

Tuchel admite que el atentado influyó en su salida
Tuchel admite que el atentado influyó en su salida | EFE

German coach Thomas Tuchel thinks the bomb attack on Borussia Dortmund's bus in April 2017 influenced his exit from the club. "There was a big disagreement between Aki Watzke (Borussia Dortmund CEO) and I. The biggest disagreement owed to the face that I was on the bus and he wasn't," Tuchel told a German court.

The coach thought it was an error to play against Monaco in the Champions League the next day, April 12, after the attack on the 11th. "I'd like to think so," said Tuchel, when asked if he'd still be in charge if it were not for the bus attack. 

Dortmund lost 3-2 to Monaco and went on to be eliminated from the Champions League. Asked if the attack influenced the performance, Tuchel said: "I am convinced of it. The magnitude and how much luck we had, the extent of it all. We only felt that the next morning."



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