Find out what James Rodríguez said to Neymar

The battle between James Rodríguez - Neymar was one of the highlights of the Colombia - Brazil game

James Rodríguez says he has always got on well with Neymar

James Rodríguez, the Colombia captain, and Neymar were the starts of one of the most commented on photos from the Colombia-Brazil game in Barranquilla. After the game the players were asked what the two players said to one another.

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After the game, James explained what had been said during the game. “I said to him ‘Hey! Why are you still running so much?’” James explained, adding that he’s always got on well with Neymar. Neymar’s response was “Yes, yes, I’m dead already”.

James contó lo que hablo con Neymar en los minutos finales del partido

Una publicación compartida de Admiración Por James Rodríguez (@jamesrodriguez10real) el 

Neymar himself admitted that he had struggled with the heat: “I think they put an oven inside. It was very hot but we managed to withstand the problems in the games. We are happy with the team’s two games,” he said.


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