Pele congratulates Cristiano Ronaldo on Juventus transfer

The Brazil legend compared the move to his switch to New York Cosmos

Cristiano Ronaldo deja el Real Madrid después de nueve temporadas. El portugués abandona el club blanco para enrolarse en las filas de la Juventus | Perform

Pele has congratulated Cristiano Ronaldo on his move to Juventus and compared the move with the transfer he made from Santos to New York Cosmos in his playing days. 

"Congratulations, @Cristiano," Pele wrote on social media. "It was hard to join another side after so long at Santos but it was the right move. Champions never tire of new challenges."

Real Madrid confirmed on Tuesday that Ronaldo was leaving the club for Italy after 12 years at the Bernabeu. The European champions accepted a bid of 112 million euros from Juve. 

Pele starred in a similar deal in 1974 when he ended an 18-year stay at Santos to move to the United States. 

Three years earlier, the Brazil legend had also bid farewell to international football after winning three World Cups: Sweden 1958, Chile 1962 and Mexico 1970. 

"I scored my last international goal on July 11, 1971," he added. "My father always told me that you should stop when you're at your best." 


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