Patrick Cutrone, remember the name

AC Milan's young striker has become the star of the club's pre-season

Backed by Montella, the Milan club are trying to tie up the youngster as soon as possible

Cutrone es la gran sensación del verano en el Milan
Cutrone es la gran sensación del verano en el Milan | sport

Patrick Cutrone has stolen the headlines during AC Milan’s pre-season. He has even made the possible sale of Bacca to Olympique Marseille seem more like good business than a problem and the controversy surrounding Donnarumma has been forgotten.

Jordi Blanco

It often happens that a new, previously unknown star appears from the shadows of a big transfer. It happened with Busquets at Barça, Müller at Bayern, Aurier at PSG... And now it could be happening with Cutrone at Milan.

The rossoneri have been one of the summer’s biggest spenders, after spending €189 million on signings. Nevertheless, the headlines are being stolen by a 19-year-old who has been at Milan for eleven years and who already has the backing of coach Vicenzo Montella.

And Cutrone has reacted brilliantly. He has three goals in three games in pre-season and on Saturday scored twice against Bayern Munich. He scored the first with an excellent header from Ricardo Rodríguez’s free kick and then scored his second after a great team move that he started and finished.

With only one year left on his contract, AC Milan are keen to extend his deal. The club are convinced the player is a future star and want to involve the headaches caused by the young goalkeeper Gigio Donnarumma.


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