Higuaín won't get another cent from Napoli

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It’s been a year since Gonzalo Higuaín left Napoli to join Juventus, but until yesterday the player maintained a link with Napoli, albeit with a court case and magistrates in the middle.

Mar Bianchi


In March, Higuaín claimed €680,000 from his old club by way of bonuses supposedly unpaid when he left for Turin. Shortly afterwards, the figure rose to €2.5 million. The Napoli president, Aurelio de Laurentiis, always insisted that he would not pay another cent to a player he thought had betrayed the club.

And now, finally Napoli have announced that the judge has ruled in their favour and that, in addition, Higuaín has to pay the costs of the court case. Instead of getting €2,570,000, he has to pay more than €50,000 in costs.



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