Barcelona decide attributes for January transfer target

Robert Fernandez has his hands at work. Slowly but surely the sports management team are committed to developing a list of potential signings. The football market is huge and requires thorough screenings to fit the profile demanded by Luis Enrique and also within the economic conditions. This is not a simple task, though Robert does not lack confidence.

Tomas Andreu

A first review of the market puts forward some names that might fit the profile demanded along with reasonable economic demands. The quality of Negredo, Jonathan Soriano, Kuyt and Sergio Garcia does not need to be discused. Each of them are at least 30 and have played at a high level, with fairly high performance. SIgning any of these players should not be problematic. 

Between football and economics, Barcelona's board will look at the way they might integrate into the dressing room plus the way they can adapt to Lucho's system. The role for the winter signing is specific and they don't want him to create future fiction. 

So Robert is looking for players with either experience of FC Barcelona or in general in the Spanish league. For example, Sergio Garcia, Jonathan Soriano and Negredo, for example, have experience of this. 

But the first list will have a lot of options. Roberto looks at the market, but dozens of agents are calling his phone with their players names, like Gomis, Defoe, Guerrero, Lucas Barrios and more. 


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