Yerry Mina will remain with Palmeiras until Russia World Cup

Yerry Mina has taken a step closer to Barcelona, although everything suggests the actual move won't take place until the summer of 2018, after the World Cup in Russia. An option which the player and his representatives think is a good idea. 

Joaquim Piera

That's the agreement Barça have struck with Palmeiras president Mauricio Galiotte and sporting director Alexandre Mattos. Both have spent time in the Catalan city this week while on a trip to Europe.  

They were worried the Blaugrana would try and force through a deal for the summer, when the Copa Libertadores is in its decisive phase. Palmeiras wanted to keep Mina for the whole year and, if possible, until the middle of 2018, which would see him complete two years at the club.  

Barça didn't want to ruin their relationship with the Brazilian club, as demonstrated by Galiotte and Mattos travelling to Paris in midweek for the Champions League loss to PSG. 

The original option to sign Mina expires in July and the extension of that until November opens a new scenario. 

It's now been ruled out that he comes this summer, depending on how the restructuring of the squad goes. It's not likely, though.

The option to sign him next January has been ruled out though. With a heavy schedule of Copa games at that time, it would not allow for a good adaption process for the Colombian defender. 

Mina is keen to sign for Barcelona and the club want him, though, and everything is now in place for that deal to happen next summer. 


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