Would Arturo Vidal trade his mohawk for Champions League success?

The Barcelona midfielder was asked if he would make a promise...

 La polémica del partido la pusieron unas posibles manos dentro del área del azulgrana que ni el árbitro ni el VAR señalaron como penalti | LALIGA

Arturo Vidal looks happy at Barcelona. A tough start has been left behind when he didn't feel important in the team and complained on social media. 


Now, he's much relaxed, always accompanied by his very clear 'look.' Without doubt, the most notable thing about him is the mohawk hair style he has. His head is shaved with just a strip of hair through the middle, in pure mohican style. 

That hairstyle took centre stage before Wednesday's Champions League game against PSV Eindhoven. 

A journalist asked him if, given Barça's obession with winning the Champions League, he would be promise to shave it off if the Catalans won the competition. 

Vidal wants to win the Champions League, but not that much... 

"No, no... not yet," he responded, laughing. "When I leave football, I will cut it. But it's my style. It's what marks me. My dream is to win the Champions League and I want to win it with Barcelona." 



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