Why Neymar has become known as 'Batman' in the Barça dressing room

Frank Miller is an American comic book writer, novelist, film director and producer best known for his comic book stories and graphic novels such as Ronin, Daredevil:Born Again, The Dark Knight Returns, Sin City and 300.

Javier Miguel

His work with Batman depicts a character who is aged, tormented, solitary, misanthrope, dark and bitter.    

Whatever way you look at it, Barcelona star Neymar does not possess any of those characteristicew. In fact, he's alomst the exact opposite. 

So it leads to the question: why has Neymar been nicknamed Batman? 

The answer is simple: Batman is a man of the night, as Miller says in one of his novels when he talks of "the return of the man of the night." 

Barça's dressing room wanted to joke about the Brazilian's tendency to enjoy life, especially when it comes to nights out with the 'Toiss', as long as it's within the club's rules and/or in accordance with time off. 

In any case, it wasn't until about two years that he began to be clearly identified in this manner. 

In fact, the 'Halloween' party of 2015, when various Barça player left the Getafe dressing rooms dressed up, saw Neymar waering a Batman mask with Dracula's fangs. 

Their common nexus was clear: the bat, an animal identified with the night. Months later he opted only for Batman, as he demonstrated once again at his recent birthday party.



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