Wenger's comments on Barcelona and possible Catalan independence

The Arsenal coach was asked about Barça joining the Premier League

The Frenchman labelled the Catalan club a "highly political club"

Wenger, entrenador del Arsenal
Wenger, entrenador del Arsenal | AFP

Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger surprised with his comments on Barcelona and the possibility of an independent Catalonia after his side's win against Brighton on Sunday. 

The French coach was asked about the chances of Barça joining the Premier League if independence is finally achieved in the region. 

Wenger admitted that he doesn't believe it will reach the stage where Barça join the English league, but he did say it will be interesting to see what happens with a "highly political club."

“I will try to learn Catalan and if Barcelona want to join the Premier League, it makes it even more difficult for everybody,” he said. “[But] I don’t think it will go as far as that.

“It’s an interesting situation to see how it will develops because it will have an impact on the sporting side as Barcelona is a highly political club."

However, Wenger also remembered Celtic and Rangers, two Scottish clubs that have previously hoped to move into the English league.

"We have enough clubs here, 20, if you want to go up to 24, but before we have to welcome the Scottish before we go to the Spanish," he added. 



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