Vitor Baia's incredible praise for Nelson Semedo

The former Barcelona goalkeeper praised the club's new signing

The Porto ambassador is in theory a rival of Benfica, Semedo's ex club

Semedo, nuevo fichaje del Barcelona
Semedo, nuevo fichaje del Barcelona | AFP

Vitor Baia, Barcelona's former Portuguese goalkeeper, has spoken about the club signing Benfica's Nelson Semedo. Despite being an ambassador for Portugal, Benfica's rivals, he hailed the defender.

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Baia, who took part in the legends' tournament Star Sixes, in London, and said Semedo "is a very quick youngster, very attacking, he has to improve a few things on a defensive level". 

However, he compared him to Dani Alves, Barcelona's former Brazilian defender. "With time I'm sure he'll improve. Physically he's very strong and I think Barcelona have made a great signing with him. He's young, he has the quality to reach Dani Alves' level. 

"However, he needs time to be able to reach his level. But he has it all to become like Dani Alves."


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