Susan Monje: "Neymar signing cost Barça 19.3 million euros"

Susana Monje, vice-president of FC Barcelona, and head of the economic area, has finally revealed the cost of the Neymar signing, that has caused the Catalan club so many problems.

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Now that a pact has been agreed with the tax authorities, Monje has declared that the final transfer cost of the Brazilian was 19.3 million euros, 17.3m for his federative rights, and the extra 2m as a bonus for being a Ballon d'Or finalist.

The director also indicated that while the transfer cost was 19.3 million euros, the gross salary of the player was 24.8 million euros per year, "which equals around 12 million euros net."

It is worth remembering that the aforementioned pact led to the 40 million euros payment received by the player being considered salary, rather than part of the transfer amount.

For this reason, Monje congratulated those that participated in the negotiation for Neymar's transfer:

"It has been an exceptional deal as we are talking about a Ballon d'Or finalist, with great potential. 

"I also want to congratulate the player for choosing FC Barcelona, as we know he had offers from other clubs."

"I do not agree with the figures given in the past. I don't know where the 86 million euros amount touted came from."

The vice-president then explained an amount reserved incase of any issues about the club's books from the tax year in which Neymar's signing was incorporated:

"We have made a provision of 1.5 million euros in the event of a conflict relating to the 2014 accounts.

"The discussions with the tax agency is no longer through the penal avenue, rather the administrative one.

"It is an open topic and so we have made this provision."


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