Valverde: Barcelona weren't able to get into the game

"We couldn't play our football and the dressing room is hurting"

Valverde reconoció que la eliminación del Barça de la Champions es un palo  | BEINSPORTS

Ernesto Valverde was visibly affected by the loss to Roma in his post game press conference, although he called on his team to pick themselves up “because there’s no other remedy.”

Ivan San Antonio


The coach tried to hide his disappointment but admitted that Roma “played really well, were better than us and have to be congratulated.” 

The Barça coach recognised that his side “couldn’t play our football and the dressing room is hurting, which is normal after a loss like this. We have to recover quickly because we still have two competitions we want to win.”

On the game, he said that “everything went well for Roma and at no moment were we capable of getting in the game because of how well they played.” 

Valverde says Barça “had a lot of excitement [for the Champions League] and I know our fans did, too. We’re sorry for them, for the disappointment. It’s part of football, though, and I can’t hold anything against my players.” 

As for taking responsibility, he added: “Absolutely. The coach is the one who has to take responsibility. [The coach] chooses the team, the changes, he plans the game, the season. So I am absolutely responsible for everything.

"I hope this doesn’t affect the team, it’s a setback for everyone, but we have a lot to play for in front of us. Winning a trophy is difficult.” 


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