Two goal monsters meet as Barca face Spurs at Wembley

In 2017 Harry Kane netted 56, ahead of Lionel Messi's 54

 Leo lideró la goleada del Barça con tres goles de escándalo | Mediapro

One is goals, instinct, intuition, shooting, fight, finishing. The other is goals, but also all the facets of play together, magnificently applied on the pitch. Harry Kane and Lionel Messi come together to try and shoot each other down at Wembley. They meet for the first time in their careers.

Sergi Capdevila


They have never played an official game. Both are the leaders of their clubs. Messi is Barca's light, the lighthouse, the leader, the player who makes the difference and the reasom Valverde's Barcelona are not mediocre. Harry is the representative of Pochettino's style, the captain, the leader o the English national team. 

Kane has an honour of being one of the few that has beaten Messi in recent times. In 2017, Kane scored a hat-trick against saints to make sure he netted 56 goals and finish above Messi, who hit 54 in that year. 

That says, Messi's 91 in 2012 is hard to see ever being beaten.

The Hurrikane is behind Messi in 2018 though. Leo has 35 in all official games for club and country, while Kane has 28 after his brace against Huddersfield. 

Despite being just 25, Kane is already the fifth highest goalscorer in Spurs history, behind Jimmy Greaves (266), Bobby Smith (208), Martin Chivers (174) and Cliff Jones (159). Messi, meanwhile, is Barca's top goalscorer of all time with 560 strikes.


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