TV3: Barça had the chance to sign Mbappé

The club could have signed him in July for €120 million

Robert Fernández and Pep Segura preferred Dembélé

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According to TV3, the Catalan TV channel, Barça had the opportunity to sign Kylian Mbappé, one of the most in-demand players this summer, but decided not to. “The club had the opportunity to sign him but at the last minute they ruled it out and opted for Dembélé," it was reported.

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In the middle of July Barça received a call saying Mbappé was available for €120 million. At the time, Neymar’s future was up in the air, although the club suspected he would leave for PSG.

According to TV3, the club received the call on 19 July. Bartomeu, the directors Javier Bordas and Silvio Elías and the executive Albert Soler were informed that Mbappé was available and interested in moving to Barça because of the competition at Real Madrid, another club who was interested in him.

Barça were told that two conditions had to be met: Neymar had to leave for PSG and negotiations had to start at €120 million. Bartomeu informed the football staff discretely so as not to affect the outcome of the Neymar saga. It was then that Robert Fernández and Pep Segura informed the president that the club was working on other options, specifically Dembélé.

Javier Bordas talked to Mbappé’s father but given Barça’s lack of interest, the player decided to move to PSG.


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