Toni Kroos' agent criticises Dembele's behaviour in Barcelona transfer

Volker Struth says Dembele's actions give agents a bad name

As well as Kroos, Struth also works with Reus and Howedes

Toni Kroos, centrocampista del Real Madrid
Toni Kroos, centrocampista del Real Madrid | AFP

Toni Kroos' representative, Volker Struth, has criticised Barcelona's Ousmane Dembele for the way he acted to force through his move from Borussia Dortmund to Camp Nou.

"If he did that to me, I would separate myself from him," Struth said in an interview published in Sport Bild. 

In his opinion, "due to guys like Dembele, I [as an agent] have a shitty reputation. I am angry with the fact his advisors advised him not to go to training with Dortmund. His advisors! That behaviour does not sit well with me." 

Struth -- who through his role with Sports Total works with Kroos, Dortmund's Marco Reus and Juventus' Howedes -- says he would not tolerate one of his clients skipping training in search of a move elsewhere. 

"I would immediately separate myself from a player that did that," he added. "Where are we going to get to?" 


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