The war between Neymar and Barcelona remains unresolved by FIFA

The case remains with FIFA for the time being, sources confirmed

Meanwhile, Barça are suing Neymar for breach of contract

Neymar tiene abiertos muchos frentes judiciales en España
Neymar tiene abiertos muchos frentes judiciales en España | sport

Contrary to earlier reports, FIFA have not yet ruled in the case Neymar has filed against Barcelona for an contract unpaid renewal bonus. 

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Barça paid the first half of Neymar's 2016 renewal bonus but not the second because he moved to Paris Saint-Germain last August. 

Neymar feels he's still entitled to the bonus, but Barça will not pay it and feel that he should pay back the first part of the bonus, too, due to breach of contract. 

Reports on Tuesday suggested FIFA had ruled in the Catalan club's favour, but that's not yet the case. 

"To clarify any doubts, on contrary to what the press spread, there was no merit judgment from FIFA on the case involving the athlete Neymar Jr. and F.C. Barcelona, but only the already expected finish of the case, about the filed action to the athlete in front of the Spanish justice," sources close to Neymar said. 

"That way, Neymar Jr. continues pleading the entire payment of the values to F.C. Barcelona to your work contract signature, in 2016."

Contacted by SPORT English, a FIFA spokesman said: "Please note that this matter is still pending. We have no further comment at this stage." 


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