The latest on Messi's contract renewal

FC Barcelona ask for the socios to stay calm with regard to Messi's contract

Albert Soler, director of professional sport at FC Barcelona, insists that it's just a matter of signing the deal

El Barcelona confía en que Messi firme pronto su contrato
El Barcelona confía en que Messi firme pronto su contrato | FCB

Leo Messi's contract renewal continues to concern Barça fans everywhere, who are left wondering why the Argentinian still hasn't signed the deal. In contrast, the club were trying to send out a message of calm. They say it is just a matter of protocol.

That's according to Albert Soler, talking at this morning's press conference: "when the club says there's an agreement, it means that it's been validated by both parties. The only thing missing is the official signing to confirm this validation. When the club announces something, it's not jumping in at the deep end, it is validated by both parties. The signing is just an act of protocol," Soler insisted.

"There is no problem, I repeat. It will happen soon, it all depends on the diary. I want to send a message of calm to Barcelona socios. You can be calm," he added.



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