Ter Stegen: "It's always better to have Messi on your side!"

The goalkeeper claims that, if he ever left Barça, he wouldn't play in the Champions League again so he'd avoid facing Messi

Ter Stegen se abraza a su compañero Leo Messi
Ter Stegen se abraza a su compañero Leo Messi | AFP

Marc-Andre ter Stegen was at an event held in Barcelona today and was naturally asked about life at the club. The first question was in regards to the level Lionel Messi is currently showing. "The truth is it's always better to play with him than against him. And that's why I'm happy here!" admitted the goalkeeper. "If I don't play here, I'd need to find a team which doesn't play in the Champions League."

Ivan San Antonio


At this time he was then asked whether ter Stegen would ever consider representing Espanyol in the future. "No." He was then reminded that he said he wouldn't play for a team in the Champions League which would, in turn, qualify Espanyol. Ter Stegen then added: "Yeah, but I also wouldn't play for someone who doesn't win anything."

Messi was once again the topic of another question. "I've been here for a few years now and the truth is that every time we train out on a football putch, he surprises me with what he's capable of doing."



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