Spanish government angry about Barcelona and Athletic whistling national anthem

The Spanish government has condemned the booing of the national anthem which took place before the Copa del Rey final between Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao.

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Both sets of supporters loudly booed and whistled the anthem before kick off, just as they did in the finals in 2009 and 2012. On this occasion, the anthem was whistled with such gusto that the noise levels inside the stadium reached 119 decibels.

Naturally, the Spanish government was not best pleased with the actions of the supporters, and displayed its disapproval via an official press release, in which they declared they would bring the issue up at the next meeting of the National Commission Against Violence in Sport. 

“The Government condemns the attacks against symbols that represent Spaniards and the democracy and and harmony they all share,” says the statement.

“Therefore, the government believes that any manifestation or display of intolerance is always reproachable and even more reproachable when it is looking for public reaction by doing so in a sporting event, which all Spaniards have a right to enjoy without others wishing to interrupt it or run it.

Idealogical or political questions should not interfere with social, cultural or sporting matters. And to take advantage of a football match to display political protests is a lack of respect for sport, for fans and for normal Spaniards, who have a right to enjoy this game for what it is, a sporting spectacle, and at the same time, be respected through symbols that represent everyone and our democracy.”

Therefore, anyone who promotes or participates in actions like this should pay the consequences of their role as fans of the sport and as citizens, to who they do not show even the least consideration.”


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