Sergio Busuqets says Barca players have tried to help Andre Gomes

The Blaugrana defensive midfielder spoke about Gomes's interview in Panenka

André Gomes, jugador del FC Barcelona
André Gomes, jugador del FC Barcelona | sport

Sergio Busquets says he and other Barcelona team-mates are trying to help Andre Gomes, after the Portuguese gave an extraordinary interview to Panenka magazine in which he claimed he was so ashamed about his performances with Barca that he didn’t like leaving the house.

Rik Sharma


“We knew a little bit about it, it’s obvious we all knew a bit, but not to what extent, it’s a very personal issue,” said Busquets. “We have always tried to help him, give him some advice, he’s the one experiencing this, he’s the one who takes it home.

“We’ve done as much as possible and i believe the fans have to be positive and try to help him. It’s not good he’s feeling like this, I’m sure it will change. I see him prepared [to face Chelsea], he’s trains, he’s ready.”


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