Rivelino insults Neymar's off-field antics: "He's an idiot"

Neymar has become a target for the whole of Brazil in recent weeks, especially after his comments in the aftermath of the Verde-Amarela's exit from the Copa America 2016.

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The latest to add his voice to the growing frustration towards the 24-year-old is Roberto Rivelino, branding the former Santos forward as an "idiot".

"He's a public figure, an idol, and I think it would've been better [for him] to shut up," Rivelino began, "He lost a good opportunity to be quiet.

"It's something that will mark his career, it's not good for him. He's an excellent player but I think his concern is to be on the pitch.

"It seems that sometimes he gives more importance to what happens off the field - that's worrying and cannot be forgiven."

The 70-year-old was staunch in his criticism of Neymar, and didn't hold back when he was given the chance to weigh-in on the matter further.

"He's the biggest fool of this story," the former Corinthians player concluded.

"He hasn't won anything [for Brazil], he hasn't given joy to the people and should talk less. First make history, try to give Brazil a title and then you can complain."



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