Rakitic not budging: Croatian midfielder wants to stay at Barça

Barcelona are open to selling but the player is happy to stay put

Rakitic dio la puntilla a la liga con una picada sobre Courtois y otra victoria en el Bernabéu | LALIGA

Barcelona's season is over and operation exit is underway. One of the nnames on the table is Ivan Rakitic, but it will not be easy to move him on. Above all because he does not want to go. 

Jordi Gil


Rakitic has ended the season with a bad tatse following the losses to Liverpool and Valencia. He was taken off against the latter in the Copa del Rey final loss and was angry about it. But the Croatian is not planning to leave and wants to fulfill his contract, which runs until 2021. 

The player has made that clear several times but, after five years, the club feels he's one of the players who could be sold to bring in money for new signings. 

Professional respect

Rakitic feels at this stage of his career he's earned the right to be treated with more respect than someone who can be used on the market. Especially after he turned down a huge offer from Paris Saint-Germain last year to remain at Camp Nou on less money. 

He has received no recognition for that in the form of a new deal. As of next summer, 2020, he will have just one year left on his deal before he can leave for free. 

Transfer or renew

Barça know that this summer they must sell or renew. If not, his price will continue to go down as his contract runs down and his age goes up. 

The cards are on the table. Rakitic does not want to leave. The club will have to force the situation if they really want to get rid of him. 



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