Rakitic: I can't say 100 percent that Lionel Messi will stay at Barça

Rakitic was asked three questions about Messi's future

The Croatian is confident he will stay but can't guarantee it

Rakitic, en la rueda de prensa
Rakitic, en la rueda de prensa | AFP

Lionel Messi's renewal was a subject which came up regularly in Ivan Rakitic's press conference ahead of Barcelona's game with Juventus on Wednesday. 

Javier Miguel

The delay in the photograph of Josep Maria Bartomeu and Messi signing the contract is worrying Barça fans, but Rakitic tried to reassure them. 

"I can't say 100 percent if he will stay or not. That's his decision and you have to respect what each person thinks or does. But what I can say is I see him the same as always. We haven't spoke about it, but we're confidence [he will stay]," Rakitic said. 

"Leo's part of the badge. He is not just a very important player, he is more than that, looking at his career, how much he means for Barca.

"We know the fans want to see the picture, the handshake -- and I do, too. I want to play with Leo tomorrow, three years, five years in the future. The only thing we can say as teammates is that we want him to stay, he has all our support and we enjoy being with him. 

"From what I have read and been told, things are going well. I have confidence in the president and in Leo and I know he wants to be with us." 


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