PSG are looking at taking part of Rabiot's salary away

L'Equipe say they want to dock him a percentage of his pay

Tüchel no quiere ver a Rabiot en el primer equipo del PSG | Perform

The relationship between Adrien Rabiot and PSG is still rotting. The player is closer and closer to asking away and the French side are angry.

Per L’Equipe, PSG are looking at deducting a portion of his salary for bad behaviour during the training cap they had in Doha, Qatar, when Rabiot did not travel, even though he had been called up for the trip between Jan 13-17.

Rabiot has rejected all of PSG’s contract offers and been dumped from the first team squad. A decision that coach Thomas Tuchel believes has given him a problem in midfield.

Rabiot’s situation doesn’t look like it’s going to change, although he’s not making any steps towards a decision on his future either.

Barca have withdrawn their first offer to him and will only open negotiations again if he takes a step forward. The midfielder has signed a new agent.

The deal has gone cold but the player wants his future to be sorted in the coming weeks.


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