Philippe Coutinho's key quotes after signing for Barcelona

He gave his first official press conference in the Auditorio 1899

Coutinho dio su primera rueda de prensa como jugador del Barça | EFE

Juan Manuel Díaz


Philippe Coutinho gave a press conference after completing his 160 million euro move from Liverpool. Here are his key quotes...

Dream move: "I am really happy, as I said before, it’s a dream and of course I am here thanks to many people, firstly God, my family, my parents, partner, daughter. They’re with me through every moment. The effort of Barcelona, the president, the directors. I know they had to have a lot of patience, so I am grateful for that. I am also grateful to Liverpool, for the five years I spent there. The directors understood it was my dream, they would have liked me to stay, but my dream to come here and they understood. They were men of their word. And the fans … we spent good moments together. I am happy to here, at my new home."

Watching the game: "I saw the game yesterday in the hotel and today I went to the training ground and met some of my new teammates. They showed me some things, where we train, where we eat … I am really anxious for everything to get started."

Can he replace Neymar? "Me and Neymar are different players. He’s a great player but we have different characteristics and I have come here to find my own place."

Club record signing: "It's not pressure, it’s an honour to be club’s record signing. Like I have said, it’s a dream to be here, but the money is something between the clubs. I have my objectives: to come here, win games, titles and to enjoy myself."

Neymar message: "I have spoken with Neymar, he congratulated me. He told me about the city, about the players and about how incredible the dressing room is. I also spoke with Paulinho, Luis [Suarez] and they said the same."

Waiting for the deal: "It was a little difficult, we had to change flights three of four times while we waited for the confirmation! But once I arrived in Barcelona I was relaxed. I want to thank Barça for their patience, everyone understood that this was my dream."

Suarez: "Luis is a great player, I played with him at Liverpool and I am really happy to play with him again. He writes to me a lot, he’s a close friend and has been a big help. We had a good season [at Liverpool], almost winning the Premier League.. they were good moments. He’s a great friend and it’s an honour to play with him again. He writes to me a lot, like I said and we always speak. He’s told me about the city, the club… we’re great friends.

Iniesta: "Iniesta for me is a genius, it’s an honour to play with him and to learn with him. In terms of positions, what I’m most looking forward to being here, playing for Barça. Everything else is a question for the manager. I will work really hard to be available for him. I am so happy, so are my family. It’s the biggest club in the world and some great Brazilian players have played here. I hope to contribute to even more success."

Why Barca? "That’s easy, because it’s Barca, the best club in the world, the best players are here … Some of my biggest idols have played here or are playing here now. It was an easy decision."


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