Philippe Coutinho denies giving an interview to the 'Daily Mirror'

The Brazilian midfielder says the interview where he talks about his future and the clash against Manchester United never took place

Coutinho niega que concediera una entrevista a Mirror
Coutinho niega que concediera una entrevista a Mirror | AFP

Philippe Coutinho has denied ever taking part in an interview which has been reported by the 'Daily Mirror'. The Brazilian forward, via his current club FC Barcelona, claims he hasn't spoken to the British newspaper where they posted articles about his future as well as the upcoming match against Manchester United in the Champions League.

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It isn't the first time a 'ghost interview' involving a Barça player has appeared in the British press. Luis Suarez and Leo Messi have also been victims to these types of reports ahead of a big match against an English side.

Coutinho, who has history in England - and with Manchester United - after rising to fame at Liverpool, is just the latest to be used in order to sell newspapers.


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