Munir hasn't scored for 431 days, Sandro 317

Munir is going through a long journey in the desert. H hasn't scored for a long time and in the Romero Cuenca de Villanueva de la Serena he failed to take advantage of a great chance to end his drought. Now it's 431 days without scoring for the first team, more than 14 months, more than a year. A long time for a striker who was compred to Raul. The wait is long too, for Luis Enrique, the coach who put his confidence in him and in the absence of results, is insisting the club bring in an outsider. 

Albert Masnou

The last goal dates back to August 24, 2014, when he debuted with the first team. He scored a goal against Elche in Barcelona's victory. From there he went into a spiral, despite debuting with Spain, renewing his contract... and nothing else. After having a dream debut Munir played 15 more games with the first team without netting. He returned to the youth squad and U21s with Spain, where he was not particularly successful (four goals with Barcelona B and 3 with Spain).

The tone remains the same this season. Two with Spain youth and none for Barcelona. And he cannot complain about lack of opportunities, having played 10 first team games. Barcelona don't know what to do.

His fellow sufferer is not particularly lucky. sandro scored his last first team goal on December 16, 2014, in the Copa del Rey against Huesca. After that game, in which he didn't play well, he finished the season with the reserves. This year he came back on the scene, involved in 12 games without striking. And to make the same comparison as Munir, it's 317 days without scoring a first team goal.


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