Messi talks about his goals for this season

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Messi habló de los objetivos que se ha marcado
Messi habló de los objetivos que se ha marcado | sport

Leo Messi, the Argentinian star, has explained his goals for the coming season. He said “at the start of every season, the goals are clear at Barça. To try to win everything and hopefully we can do that this year. Personally I’m really looking forward to getting back, starting to work and getting to know the new manager and his staff, and enjoying another year at the club.”

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When talking about the new manager he said “We all start from scratch again. With a new manager, we don’t know how he works but we do know he is a great manager because of how he’s done in his previous jobs. He did very well at Valencia and then Bilbao. And I’m looking forward to getting started like I do every year”.


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