Messi on Barça dressing room, Copa America & Newell's

Lionel Messi, the Argentine star of Barcelona and the captain of his country, has spoken about his dreams and his objectives in an interview with El Planeta Urbano. In the interview Messi speaks about everything: football, Argentina, his family. He surprises with some of his comments. 

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Messi remembers how hard he had to work to arrive at the point where he is considered the best player in the world. "I've always dreamed of succeeding in what I liked, which was football, to have a career like [I have had]. The truth is I had to go through many things to make it here, and it was hard, but I never stopped dreaming of what I wanted and luckily I was able to fulfill those dreams," Messi said in the interview, which took place in Barcelona. 

The journalist asked Messi if he would like to return to Argentina and play for Newell's. Messi gave a clear answer: "If I return to Argentina, something I would love to do, the club would be Newell's. I don't know when it will be, or even if I will do it or not. Right now I think about the day to day and if [Argentina] happens, it will be in several years. The reality is that I don't know what will happen tomorrow, so I can't promise that I will return, because it wouldn't be sincere. I can tell you I would love to play in Argentina and for Newell's, but it depends on many things." 

Messi adds that "I like what I do and I try to better myself every day. I only think about playing football, which is what I like. Everything that comes after that is secondary. I do what I like, what I enjoy and I try to be better each day and continue to complete my objectives." 

The captain of the Argentine national team also recognised that his main objective now is the Copa America. "My objective is always to win what I can, whether with Barcelona or the Argentina national team. I think that this year's Copa America is another opportunity for us. After coming so close in two finals over the last two years, now we have another chance that we will try to take advantage of. We will give our all to win it. That is the dream of the entire group, who have been fighting together since before the World Cup," Messi indicated. 

Finally, now focused on FC Barcelona, Messi also spoke about the magic of the Catalan side's front three. The key is clear for the star forward. "The good relationship we have, not just the trident, but the whole dressing room, is the key. The humility that we have to work hard every day and to go out and to give our all in each game, too, to put training into practice, the mentality to always do better, to continue winning things. There are players that have won it all, but they still fight in the same way, as if they'd not won anything, and that strengthens the group. I'm not just talking about the three forwards, but the whole squad. I think it is the most positive thing - the attitude to continue achieving things and the good atmosphere on a day to day basis."  


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