Meeting for Paul Pogba: Barcelona and Juventus to begin talks on Wednesday

Paul Pogba's future could become known in the coming days. On Wednesday, there will be a meeting in Turin between FC Barcelona and Juventus. 

Lluis Miguelsanz

Present for Barça will be Ariedo Braida and Albert Solar, with the aim of agreeing a deal with the Italian club to sign the French international midfielder. 

It will be the first official contact between the two clubs, with previous, informal talks, taking place behind the disguise of the Champions League final. 

The objective of the meeting is to negotiate the details of a transfer which would take place next summer, meaning Pogba would join Barcelona for the 2016-17 season. 

Until now, Barça had not shown a formal interest in the player, but had made it clear he did feature on their wanted list. 

Next week's meeting will be the first definitive step towards dressing the player in blaugrana.  


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