Man City are willing to make huge offer for Lionel Messi

Manchester City owner Mansour bin Zayed Al Nayan continues trying to sign Leo Messi.  The magnate has given the go ahead to a new huge offer capable of seducing the Argentine crack and opening the doors to a transfer from Barcelona.

Tomas Andreu

A little more than a month ago, English newspaper the Sun published a story showing City’s willingness to smash the market, but it is not until now that the club's representatives have told Messi that he can earn 27m euros a season. A number that far exceeds the 20m he picks up from FC Barcelona.

Messi knows the doors at City are open for him and have been for a long time,  but the Premier League club's interest has never been manifested in such an economically enticing offer.

Barcelona are confident the star will reject the approach like he did to PSG  and Chelsea in the past.  In principle it will not be until next season that Barcelona think about renewing Messi’s own deal. City are not planning on approaching Barcelona until the player gives them the nod.


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