Luis Suarez defends under-fire Barcelona coach Luis Enrique

Luis Suarez refused to point the finger at anyone after the defeat against PSG. The striker came on in defence of the collective and, especially, of his coach Luis Enrique. “Here everyone is responsible, on a group level, it’s not fair just to attack one person. In this team we win together and we lost together,” he said. 


The Uruguayan international also wanted to shut down any controversy surrounding Luis Enrique and the chances of him leaving when his contract expires in the summer. “We have complete confidence in Lucho and we’re not thinking of any possible changes. The opposite, as much as we enjoy [success] with him, now we all suffer: manager, physio, kit-man… We all have to take responsibility in the same way.” 

Suarez also said it’s important to ignore the criticism which is surrounding not just Luis Enrique, but also the team: “I don’t thin we have to take notice of that. Our job is to keep working, to improve every day. When we win we’re also criticised. Now we shouldn’t take any notice of it. The same as we shouldn’t when we win, because that wan weaken you, too.” 

Asked if he was annoyed to face so many questions about his manager, the player insisted that “the boss is mature and he’s aware of the situatio. He knows what he’s decided or what he will decide; we will accept whatever he does. I’ve never asked him [about it]. We’re happy. We always exchange opinions, that’s something which happens in any club.” 


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