Luis Enrique not in agreement with Gerard Pique's comments

Luis Enrique has not agreed with Gerard Pique's comments and actions but says the centre-back is old enough to know what he should and shouldn't be saying.

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The Barcelona coach said: "I don’t [Pique’s words] will take their toll on him or the team, whatever Pique says is his opinion. 

"He’s an adult and knows what he has to say, or what he should say, and nothing else. I’m happy with Pique the player, Pique the professional. 

"He’s a key player for us. Everyone has their own way of expressing themselves."

Pique was angry about recent refereeing decisions and also shouted at someone after the Villarreal game, either Liga president Javier Tebas or Barcelona vice-president Jordi Mestre, depending on differing reports.

Asked if the club should speak out more about injustices against Barcelona, Lucho replied: "I think the manager and the club’s posture is impeccable, rising above these situations. 

"It’s easy to complain about this or cry about that, but most difficult thing is to protect the players and your team. 

"I don’t listen to all these other things that go on in the background. There’s nothing to criticise club and coach for."


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