Louis van Gaal: De Jong is exceptional but still developing

The former Barca and Man United coach spoke about the young Dutch midfielder

Van Gaal, entrevistado en Panenka
Van Gaal, entrevistado en Panenka | De Muynck (Panenka)

Javier Giraldo


Former Ajax, Barca, Bayern and Man United coach, among other sides, Louis van Gaal, spoke to Paneka magazine about various topics, including the future of Frenkie de Jong, whom Barca have signed.

The Catalans splashed out 75m euros on the midfielder. 

"He's a player with exceptional talent but he's still deveoping and improving his qualities," said the Dutch coach, who thinks the same about De Ligt. "I don't know them both personally, so I can't judge them. But I see how they speak to the media and they are doing well. Better than Van Gaal did back in his day!" he joked. 

Van Gaal also spoke about Ajax ahead of their Champions League battle with Real Madrid. 

"In October when Ajax were going to play Bayern Munich, I gave an interview saying that Ajax were nearly as good as the 1995 team. And you know what happened, people laughed at me. But now it's been shown they have got into the next phase of the Champions League.

"I still believe Ajax can win another Champions League, like in 1995. But it's too early to say. De Jong and De Ligt are still too young. The problem is that if they go, Ajax have to start again. Compared to England or Germany, Holland is a small footballing country and everything is much more complicated."



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