'Lionel Messi is super motivated for Juventus comeback'

The Argentine's explained that he's desperate to reach the semi-finals

He's one of the players in the dressing room with the most faith in another remontada

Leo Messi tiene mucha fe en la remontada ante la Juventus
Leo Messi tiene mucha fe en la remontada ante la Juventus | sport

Lionel Messi wants to win the Champions League. It's thr trophy which most excites him this season, more than La Liga. To life the trophy in Cardiff has become almost an obsession for the Argentine forward and he will fight until the last second to achieve it. We're not talking about the usual intentions of any footballer who wants to conquer Europe, but of the almost desperate need from a unique competitor who hates losing. 

Ivan San Antonio


Barça's No.10 was one of the few who performed in Turin, where he showed that he's especially motivated to win a competition he's previously won four times (2006, 2009, 2011, 2015). He created two great chances which were spurned by Andres Iniesta and Luis Suarez. Or, better said, which were saved by Buffon, who avoided gifting Barça any life going into the second leg. It ended 3-0, leaving Barça with little possibility of coming back, although what happened at Camp Nou in the last round breeds hope. 

And from there, people in his most intimate circle have said that he's super motivated. So motivated, that the same people extend themselves to suggesting that on Wednesday there will be another magic night, with Messi as the star. Also in the dressing room the players have commented that Messi is one of the players in the squad who has the most faith in turning the tie around.  


It can be seen in every training session, but also in how he approached the Real Sociedad game. It was a declaration of intent. Two goals and an assist. Above all in the manner in which he opened the scoring, striking home with anger from the edge of the box. "Leo's rally pumped up," people assure. Football will decide if Barça deserve to reach the last four but Messi is convinced that another historic comeback can happen. 

dybala & neymar AS MOTIVATION 

Neymar was one of the stars of the comeback against PSG, taking the team on his back and believing when no-one else did. Proof of that is his free-kick to make it 4-1, his penalty to make it 5-1 and his assist for Sergi Roberto's goal to make it 6-1. Then, in Turin, it was Paulo Dybala who starred with two goals for the Italians. Messi doesn't need to prove to anyone that he's the best in history, but it all serves as motivation for Barça's No.10. 



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