Klopp gives up on Coutinho

"I have to accept the decisions of the owners and the players," he admits

The German has changed tone for the first time regarding the Brazilian

Klopp, protagonista
Klopp, protagonista | AFP

For the first time Jürgen Klopp has changed his tone regarding Coutinho's future. The German manager seems to have given up on keeping the Brazilian after admitting after Liverpool's game against Watford that he can't prevent the player joining Barcelona.

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"As a manager, I have to accept the decisions of the owners and the players. That's how it works. They decide, for example, if we sell or don't sell a player. I have to accept it," he said.

After these words, it seems clear there is no way back, Coutinho will play for Barcelona, depending on what happens with Dembélé. Barcelona could announce the signings of three players in the next few days: Coutinho, Dembélé and Paulinho. The latter may be announced in the next few hours.

The club is trying to strengthen the squad after Neymar's departure and will use the €222 million received from PSG to sign these three players, who will have an important role to play next season.


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