Jordi Alba: Playing like this we won't win La Liga... or even a game

Jordi Alba wasn't as tough as Gerard Pique, but he didn't hide that Barcelona played poorly against Real Sociedad on Sunday.

"La Real played better. I don’t think it was a lack of attitude, everyone will see it as they like, but I think they were just better than us," Alba said. 

The left-back commented on Pique's phrase that playing like this, Barça will not win the league: "You won't win the league... or even a game playing like that, especially against a team like La Real who press well."

Alba doesn't think the draw will "affect the team's confidence," but he recognised that "the most worrying thing is the manner of losing," which suggests how poor Barça were given the drew, rather than lost. 

He feels, though, that "it's not a catastrophe. Today's game was an accident. The dynamic is still good but we've had some games that we shouldn't have lost." 


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