Jordi Alba on his good form, Juve win and "unique" Lionel Messi

Alba's got more space on the left since Neymar left for PSG

The left-back says Barcelona, obviously, will miss Messi when he's gone

Jordi Alba y Leo Messi se entienden a las mil maravillas
Jordi Alba y Leo Messi se entienden a las mil maravillas | AFP

Jordi Alba is revelling in a role with more space than ever on the left, as was once again seen in Barcelona's 3-0 win over Juventus. "I feel phenomenal, with a lot more confidence than in other years," he said about the start to the season.

And on the game he highlighted that "it's a great victory against a very highly thought of oppontent. Things have gone well for us in these recent games. We're really focused, from the first minute until the last. Valverde's transmitted his ideas and we know to be patient and act with intelligence." 

However, he says the 3-0 win isn't revenge for last season's Champions League KO against Juve: "It doesn't have anything to do with it. Juve came here with a three goal lead, played their game in order to reach the semifinal. It's a new season now, though, which is just getting started and with new objectives." 

For the left-back, "we have to forget Neymar and the others that have left. Those that wanted to leave are no longer here and there's no need to go over it. The important ones are those that have stayed. Messi? Leo is another story. It's obvious that when he leaves Barça it will tell. He's unique." 


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